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"Attract your best talent, using our screening video interview software"



Live Jobs - Video Interview Software is a registered trademark of Better People. Live Jobs - Video Interview Software is first and innovative Job Platform in Portugal that use video technology to screen all candidates, making more easy and fun all recruitment process.


Using our Cv Tracking System or Applicant Tracking System #ATS your company can do easy and fast video screening of all candidates from all Job Platforms including Linkedin.


We believe screening candidates process should be effective and fun both for candidates and recruiters, our JOB Platform allows:


►   Recruitment process is about 70% faster;

►   Your company can make the best decisions more quickly;

►   Time that recruiter misses analyzing traditional CVs and calling candidates for interviews decreases by more than 60%;

►   Costs associated with a recruitment process can decrease by more than 80%;

►   Recruiter's productivity increases by more than 75%;

►   Comment and rate candidates;

►   Make your JOB video ads;

►   Give feedback to candidates quickly and simply.


All this in just one page, in one platform and easy to use. 


Live Jobs - Video Interview Software

Recruitment Software leader in screening candidates in Portugal.


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