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"Attract your best talent, simply and quickly, with video intelligence"



Live Jobs, is a registered trademark of Better People. It is the first Portal of Employment in Portugal, leader in the screening of candidates, using video technology. We believe that all screening candidates process should be effective and fun for candidates and recruiters. Using short videos and pre digital interviews, candidates answer all key issues previously defined by recruiter.



Live Jobs uses technology and video intelligence, providing more detailed information about each candidate. By publicizing all your Job opportunities, our Job Portal gives you extra boost in your recruitment process, as such:


-   Recruitment process to be about 70% faster;


-   Your company can make all the best decisions about candidates faster;


-   Recruiters lose less time analysing curriculums and summoning candidates for interviews for about 60%;


-   There's a decrease of costs associated with recruitment process for more than 80%;


-   There's an increase of Recruiter's productivity by 75%;


-   Candidates can only apply to jobs one time;


-   The compromise of the applicants by answering a job in our plataform is over 90%;


-   You can select applicants, allowing them to record themselves while answering your questions by video;


-   Rate and comment in applicants interviews;


-   Share and gather comments on the interview withyour recruitment team;


-   Give feedback to the applicants in a easy and fast way.



All this in just one page, in one platform and easy to use.


Live Jobs - Job Platform - Recruitment software leader in screening applicants in Portugal.

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