If you want to hire the best professionals in the market, Better People is the ideal partner!


Why  ?


Our team works proactively, presenting the solutions most suited to your recruitment needs. Permanent link to reference universities, databases, social networks and the strong network of Networking of partnerships are some of the factors that contribute to our success, allowing us to identify top candidates and respond quickly to the needs of all our Clients.


Better People undertakes to present you a shortlist of qualified candidates, competent professionals already interviewed and evaluated. Better People's consultants evaluate: The competencies of each candidate, experience, attitude and motivation to ensure that they have the ideal profile for your company and are motivated to perform the function in question.


We also have other modalities with regard to Recruitment:


- Contact of candidates pre-selected by your company; 

- Sending highly qualified cv's;

- We perform Assessments for candidates pre-selected by your company;

- Recruitment campaigns and attraction of candidates for companies;

- Recruitment Campaigns in provinces in Angola and Mozambique;

- Head-Hunting.


  Tel: +351 910 604 170