Better People works in partnership with its customers by aligning their Human Resources processes and policies with business requirements and needs, supporting them in redefining, designing, developing and implementing them. Strategic management of human capital is a priority theme for organizations for their potential to create value for the company.


The success of organizations is related to the ability to turn their competitive strategy into results through human capital. Policies, practices and human resources structure must interact with other dimensions of the company in order to ensure the contribution to the realization of the business strategy.


By focusing on the business of each client, Better People's intervention can be focused solely on a process, an IS IS / TO BE analysis, or an integrated planning of the entire Strategic Human Capital Management process.


We propose solutions that help companies to review their Human Capital policies and their work processes, namely:


- Design of Internship Programs

- Implementation of Reception Programs

- Competency Management

- Function Descriptions

- Performance Appraisal Model

- Design, Implementation, Audit and Redefinition

- Career Development

- Retention Programs

- Succession and Mobility Plans

- Talent Management and Identification (Attract, Develop and Retain)

- Organizational Climate Analysis

- Mentoring Program

- Metrics

- Support to the implementation of HR Computer Solutions

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