Our history



Founded in 2013Better People is ideal partner for HR & Consulting solutions for: Portugal, Angola and Mozambique Markets. Formed by a young, dynamic team with specialized consultants with more than 15 years of Human Resources experience.


Why do we exist  ?


It is not enough to have only the knowledge, we offer flexible, adapted and professional solutions for all our clients "Your best with Better People". Satisfaction of our Partners, Clients, Candidates and Employees is the most important goal of Better People.


We do not want to be just another company, but rather the reference partner in the search for Human Capital solutions. We try to listen to our customers at all times, we put ourselves in their place and we can surprise them by presenting the best solutions.


We take a proactive approach in supporting our customers by providing solutions for their business nationally or internationally. In all areas where it operates, Better People assumes itself as a company that is based on the principles of Honesty, Excellence, Dynamism and Creativity. 


Today Better People has the trust of more than 100 different clients, many of them Multinational companies present in the reputed magazine Fortes of the 100 largest companies (2016). Currently, Better People works for 4 different countries in 4 different Continents. We establish a corporate presence on social networks daily through our LinkedIN  and Facebook  pages, and we are followed by thousands of people all over the World!


Markets  :


Since ever, it was our current customers who encouraged and challenged us to develop this project and continue the successful work, and over the last few years Better People has become one of the most comprehensive recruitment agencies with a solid foundation of experience in the Human Resources in the markets of: Portugal, Angola, Mozambique. In 2016 we were invited by our clients to work for: Mexican and Indian markets.


We provide a team where commitment is the deciding factor, we work together with a solid foundation of responsibility, freedom and trust, constantly focusing on the goal of each client and each candidate. Joining your company's business strategies to the needs and motivations of your people, Better People is a partner of excellence in the planning and decisions of today's business owners around the world.


Better People develops its strategy in the following sectors of economic activity  :


- Oil & Gas

- Offshore / OnShore

- Energy

- Banking

- Industry

- Agriculture

- Engineering

- Construction

- IT

- Public Sector

- Distribution and Sales

- Marketing and Communication

- Operations & Logistics

- Shipping


 Why countries as Angola welcome us and choose us  ?


In a dynamic and growing country, finding the right partner can be one of the foundations of business success in Angola. Better People differentiates itself by the specialized knowledge of the Angolan market, acquired by the experience of several years of each one of our collaborators.


We know the opportunities but also the constraints and we will know how to respond to the challenges that are thrown to us daily by our clients. Having Better People as a partner, with the specialized knowledge that all our consultants have in the Angolan market and a proactive approach makes us "Better Partners for all your People".


In December 2018, we open doors for recruitment innovation in Portugal. 


Live Jobs - Video Interview Software platform, is a registered trademark of Better People, lda. Live Jobs - Video Interview Software platform is the first and innovative Job platform in Portugal that uses video technology to support the recruitment process. We have developed our own video pre-interview software to facilitate the screening process of candidates, making the recruitment process more dynamic, uniform and transparent. 


Essentially, Live Jobs - Video Interview Software allows you to:


- The time spent on curricular screening is substantially shorter;


- The costs associated with a recruitment process can be reduced by up to 80%; 


- Your Company can advertise your Job offers by video (at no additional cost) #videojobads, making your Job offers more attractive to applicants;


- Be able to do your interviews in real time and to all your candidates. Without leaving the Platform's back office, schedule and schedule a date and time to meet your candidates, add teammates to attend the #livevideointerviews video conference with candidates, and make your hiring processes even more dynamic.



We also provide all our clients with our tool: #cvtracking, allowing recruiters to quickly screen all incoming CVs from any Job Platform, including LinkedIN applications facilitating all screening process. 

In practice how does it work?


Imagine, that you receive today  10 cv´s in your email. With our CV TRACKING tool you just need to:


► Step 1: Add a job description  and you can do it in writing or video making your ads more attractive to your candidates;


► Step 2: Add all the key questions you want to see answered by your candidates;


► Step 3: Invite these candidates (add your emails on the platform) to answer some questions by video. Candidates receive in their personalized invitation email with a Link to answer some questions by video;


► Step 4: Making a quickly screenning and validate the responses that were given by your candidates on video;


► Step 5: Select and invite for a face-to-face interview only the best candidates. Or if you prefer to use our Live Video Interviews system to talk to your candidates in LIVE. 



We believe the candidate selection process should be effective and fun for both candidates and recruiters.




All this in just one page, in one platform and easy to use. 


As for our customers  :


Vetter People is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We provide a database with more than 20,000 strong candidates and we monitor all your projects in real time.


"We drive Progress, offering the specialized talent that helps your Company keep up!"


With offices in Lisbon and with representations in Luanda and Mozambique, Better People offers all our know-how and we use the networks in the countries where we operate to support your business, regardless of size or ambition.


For our candidates  :


Better People offers specialized consultants for each of our sectors and is happy to help you look for a new professional step. We invite you to follow our official Facebook and LinkedIN pages where you can see all the job opportunities we have for you !!


Accompany all our news, share with your friends and introduce your cv in our company and this way we can always count on you. In Portugal, Angola and Mozambique the activities of attracting the best candidates are constant! 


  Tel: +351 910 604 170