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“Better Business Through People”

Only knowledge in not enough, we provide flexible and professional solutions
to customers who have different needs.


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Job Opportunities


“Better Business Through People”

Only knowledge in not enough, we provide flexible and professional solutions to customers who have different needs.

  • Nuno Martins, Business Development Manager (DECSIS)

    “The market for information technologies both domestic as international, is living a historic moment of transformation that puts in all that it act an increasing requirement in focus and speed of response. In this context, Better People has been a key partner for us in strengthening the capacity of identifying the best professionals. The strategic alignment, responsiveness and effectiveness of the solutions presented are the points that can testify as strong in their service. Keep up the good work!”

  • Yolanda Tati - Oil and Gas Junior

    " My first contact with the world of work could not have given better way than with the Better People. An attentive and personalized approach followed by the careful, practical and valuable utility, monitoring every moment. More than a platform for human resources, settled, for me, as a structural element to my career. A positive experience rather than having me at all, become a better person."

  • Jorge Santos - Shipping Sector Soyo / Angola

    "At a time that I was looking for a new and exciting professional project with real prospects for development as well as professional and personal enrichment, it was through the efforts and commitment of BetterPeople that found me placement on one of the world's largest companies. with an exceptional treatment and with constant monitoring. No any doubt is one HR company with deep knowledge of African markets and their specificities."

  • D. Smit - Client Oil Industry (Angola)

    Our challenge is recruit for our offshore operations in Angola several local graduated people and some specific roles for expat people,  after several approaches of international and local recruitment companies I met Better People who introduced for us all advantages in work with them. Better People have been shown excellent results for us I can highlight the continuous local and international monitoring and deep knowledge of recruiting for this particular and aggressive market.. 

  • P.M. Purchasing Responsible (Portugal)

    "Recently I started a new stage in my career and I was fortunate to have been recruited by Better People. All contacts made during this process, were always made by the same consultant with extreme responsibility! Thank you Better People" 

  • Ilda Façanha I Commercial I Iberian Group

    About my experience with Better People, it was excellent! Monitoring was adequate and very professional by recruitment consultant. I would strongly advise both the candidates and the companies, to deposit all the confidence in the Better People, as they will be surprised positively.

    Thanks for everything!

  • Margarida Duarte I Senior Account I Lisbon

    Projects are made up of people and people are driven by their emotions. When we work with passion we can combine our rational side to emotional, and only then is it possible to be different, just so you can do differently.Better People AGENCY makes the difference. Welcomes us as professionals, but read in our eyes glow that moves us, and interprets our words what we can make happy! Our personal achievement goes hand in hand with our professional achievement!

    With me it was so! Thank Better People, for allowing me to embrace a new project that speaks "the same language as me" and to which I am dedicated with all my heart and soul.


    Margarida Duarte

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